Live music private event
Laura IG Singer
Sylvain - Guitar
Inception Groove
IG Logo
Inception Groove Live Music
IG - Full live music band
Inception Groove acoustic duet
Tambourin-IG stage
IG - electric live music
Sylvain - Guitar/Voice live music
Full Inception Groove band
Lionel-percussions acoustic live
Laura-Inception Groove singer
Félix-Drums electric live music
Live music Duet
Inception Groove on stage
Wedding performance live music
Acoustic live music duet
Laura & Sylvain - Guitar/Voices
Chimes - Lionel acoustic live music
Guitar - Acoustic live music
Trio drums - International covers
Inception Groove stage
guitare-voix reprises musique
Inception Groove-Live music
Bass-music band for events
Inception Groove logo

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Sylvain - Guitar